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  • Let them get a little messy

Let them play with a little cake and/or frosting ahead of time. We generally use a whipped cream frosting for cakes. Slightly chilled is best. This helps baby get familiarized with the texture.


  • Make sure baby is well rested

We like to schedule around baby's nap time, preferably shortly after. Also, make sure it’s not too soon if baby is recovering from a cold.  You may feel they are on the mend but keep in mind they will be extra sleepy and fussy as they continue to recover.


  • Teething?

If baby is teething, consider some pain reliever prior to session to keep them comfy.


  • What to bring

Outfit(s) - You are welcome to bring a special outfit for the traditional portraits we will do first.  However, I have several options available in studio as well. I also provide the coordinating outfit for the Cake Smash portion itself.


A favorite toy - Something we can shake behind the camera or if they need a break something they can play with for a minute. Keep in mind it may get covered in frosting so something washable is best.

Snacks - Something like puffs, goldfish or cheerios that can be hidden in the frosting on the back of the cake.  This helps to encourage them to eat the cake, or at least makes it look like they are.

Drink - All that cake can make them thirsty!  Bring a bottle or drink to cleanse their pallet.


  • Have Fun!

Not all babies love cake (Crazy right?).  Some love it, some not so much. Either way, we will capture some adorable photos of your little one. Just relax, have fun, and enjoy creating the memories!

Freckled Expressions Photography by Trisha Moul  |  A premier Salem photographer

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